Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Life about skate

Any1 here play skate ? haha . Dis is my new hobby . Playing skate with all my frens .
skate dangerous ? sometime it could be dangerous but for me playing skate is my life . Wat i'm going to story to all of u dat is about the legend of skaters (Rodney Mullen) . Rodney Mullen is easily the best street skateboarder the world has yet seen. His skateboarding style is comfortable and relaxed, making the incredible tricks he does look light and simple. Rodney Mullen often smiles and laughs, while pulling off trick after trick that no one has ever seen. Rodney Mullen is inventive, creative, confident and easy going. Most of the trick dat u all seen now days are mostly are invented by Rodney Mullen . Two thumb up 4 dis man dudes .

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